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Claudio Walker: the AI that helped CloudWalk to profit R$ 108 million

The AI tools were responsible for 75% of the total customer service interactions in 2023 — about 2.6 million requests — a volume that would require an additional 1,100 people on the customer service teams.


The Brazilian unicorn that saved R$ 100 million using artificial intelligence.

Since intensifying its use of AI in 2023, the main savings CloudWalk has been in customer service, but there has also been a financial impact with digital security, credit granting, and the development of new products.

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Brazilian Fintech CloudWalk Reports $320.5 Million in Revenue and $22.3 Million in Profits in 2023 as it Prepares for U.S. Launch

The unicorn marks its first full year of profitability with 41% revenue increase


CloudWalk reaches revenue of R$ 1.5 billion and aims for expansion to the US

Owner of the InfinitePay platform, the startup also reached the milestone of 1.1 million customers


CloudWalk prepares debut in the US

After making progress with instant payments in Brazil, the fintech plans its arrival in the US with the


CloudWalk grows and hits R$ 108M in net profit in 2023

While some are still talking about reaching breakeven, CloudWalk has already closed 2023 by increasing its profit


Owner of InfinitePay profits R$ 108 million in 2023

CloudWalk reports that it closed 2023 with revenue of R$ 1.55 billion

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Interest-bearing account promises to show earnings every second

Launched by InfinitePay, a financial services platform by CloudWalk, the account has no fees and shows the customer the real value available to them, already free of taxes or fees.

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InfinitePay reaches 100% of Brazilian cities cities

InfinitePay is in all the Brazilian territory, led by its tap-to-pay solution


Brazil Startup Is Taking Payments Tech to US With Sights on Mars

The fintech is taking tap-to-pay and other technologies to merchants in the US, with plans to expand globally


InfinitePay Now Offers Tap to Pay on iPhone for Brazilian Customers to Accept Contactless Payments

An easy, secure, and private way to accept contactless payments with only an iPhone, no additional hardware needed


Apple officially launches Tap to Pay in Brazil as international expansion continues

Vendors can use an iPhone to accept contactless payments, whether with Apple Pay, physical cards, or other digital wallets


Tap to Pay: How the service works that turns the iPhone into a card machine

Merchants can accept Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods using just an iPhone.


Smartphones are becoming card machines

The first company to operate with Tap to Pay in Brazil is CloudWalk, which has already developed an app that will allow its customers to receive payments with the iPhone.


Apple's card-machine-free payment arrives in Brazil

The 'Tap to Pay' feature, available in five other countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, allows payments to be made with iPhones alone


Payment via smartphone is sustainable

Removing plastics and payment machines from the financial system significantly reduces the environmental impact


Luis Silva, from Cloudwalk, talks about the end of payment machines

The customer base of InfinitePay using the 'tap to pay' technology grew by an average of 123% per month in 2023


Unicorn CloudWalk reaches profit in the 1st half and plans to expand credit

Valued at USD 2.15 billion, the fintech is considering an FIDC to advance in the market


How to reduce plastic use in payments

Cards and payment machines have generated more than 15,000 tons of plastic in Brazil in recent years


Plastic from cards and payment machines from the last 10 years equate to 20 Maracanã stadiums

Report provides information on the impact of the Brazilian financial market on plastic production.

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Goodbye to card terminals: CloudWalk shifts focus to mobile payments and sees record earnings

One of the latest products introduced by the Brazilian company is InfiniteTap, which turns smartphones into card processing devices


How Cloudwalk started using ChatGPT to save HR hours

AI saves the startup's HR team over 100 hours each month; for the HR head, embracing the technology fearlessly is key

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InfinitePay plans new advancements in providing credit to SMBs with the help of AI

In just 10 months, InfinitePay has granted over $50 million in credit

Cliente S.A.

InfinitePay launches billing management system for SMBs

SuperCobra will aid in controlling delinquencies and forecasting cash flow

Pequenas empresas grandes negocios

CloudWalk diversifies product portfolio, reaches break-even, and aims for an IPO in 2025.

The fintech expanded its range of solutions with cashback, loan granting, and automation of collections.


CloudWalk, owner of InfinitePay, advances in the SMEs market and sees a favorable path towards an IPO.

The fintech registered a record-breaking first quarter and sees its business model as attractive for listing


In the 'breakeven era,' CloudWalk shows results.

With a range of solutions including blockchain technology, digital banking, loans, cashback cards, and online sales, the company is reaping the rewards of this strategy.

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Brazilian Fintech CloudWalk Surpasses US$ 100 million ARR and Reaches Centaur Status

The figures reflect the fintech’s solid expansion which, in addition to the InfinitePay card machine, offers a range of financial products to over one million clients.

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CloudWalk becomes profitable, transforms into Centauro, and plans to expand operations abroad.

The company reported a profit of USD 11 million in the first quarter of 2023, with an annual recurring revenues (ARR) totaling USD 138 million in March.


CloudWalk achieves its first positive result

The fintech's objective is to continue scaling its products in the payment and financial areas, as well as advancing its international expansion project.


InfinitePay's new product provides instant cash for store owners

With InfiniteNitro, small and medium-sized Brazilian entrepreneurs will receive payment for their sales instantly every day of the week


InfinitePay launches card compatible with Apple Pay

InfinitePay launched its own credit card, InfiniteCard. And it is already compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay!


CloudWalk Is First Crypto Firm in Brazil to Become a Licensed Payments Institution

The company, which already has a stablecoin tied to the Brazilian real, was licensed by the central bank of the South American country.


Cloudwalk Launches Infinitebank And Aims To Go Beyond Banking

With InfiniteBank, the company will now offer a full range of banking and payment solutions to more than 300,000 small medium size businesses in Brazil.


Owner InfinitePay takes a new step with digital bank after receiving a license from the Central Bank

InfiniteBank now operates as a digital bank, offering a range of banking and financial solutions for its users


InfinitePay focus on the future of payment methods and launches InfiniteTap

Technology enables sales through smartphone, eliminating the famous POS machines, reducing costs and making the planet more sustainable


Brazilian entrepreneur saves BRL 2 billion in fees

BRL 2 billions were saved, due to InfinitePay's fee rates, the best one in Brazil compared to the other players


Brazilian merchants get BRL 25 million in loans without knowing they're using DeFi

CloudWalk already has half a million active wallets


Interview with Luis Silva, founder and CEO of CloudWalk

Luis Silva discusses the launch of the InfinitePay card, cryptocurrencies, and venture capital investments


Unicorn CloudWalk launches its own blockchain

With this system, the Brazilian fintech aims to reach 5,000 transactions per second with cryptocurrency by the end of the year


How the unicorn CloudWalk aims to double in size in 2022

The startup just announced the issuance of a new FIDC, valued at R$ 2.1 billion, which will be used for the advance payment of receivables from the over 500,000 SMEs using the fintech's service


New Brazilian unicorn: CloudWalk brings smart payment terminals, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies to retail

CloudWalk secured an investment valuing it at $2.15 billion. The next step is to expand payment solutions to the United States and Europe


Payment startup CloudWalk becomes the new Brazilian unicorn

The company's valuation, reaching $2.15 billion, was led by its CEO, Luis Silva


Payment startup Cloudwalk becomes Brazil's latest unicorn after a $150 million investment

The company aims to compete with shorter terms for retailers and relies on blockchain for modernizing the payment system


Brazil's CloudWalk valued at $2.15 bln after Coatue-led investment

The company, whose platform integrates blockchain and AI, said the $150 million round also saw participation from investment firms DST Global, A-Star, The Hive Brazil, Plug and Play Ventures as well as Valor Capital Group.


CloudWalk has global ambitions — and now, R$ 1 billion in the bank

CloudWalk raised the largest Series B in Brazil's history, securing US$190 million to accelerate its strategy of acquiring customers by charging considerably lower fees than competitors.


CloudWalk raises an additional US$190 million in Series B round

The fintech CloudWalk secured US$190 million in a Series B led by Coatue fund, bringing the total raised to US$206 million


Luis Silva: How he aims to further shake up the payments sector

Luís Silva is the founder of CloudWalk, a platform that helps retailers manage transactions. This year, he launched InfinitePay and entered the battle of payment terminals


In the battle of payment terminals, InfinitePay aims to be the nuclear bomb

With its own payment device, the company will advance receivables at much lower prices, which can be as low as one-fifth of competitors' rates for installment payments